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Bovril Beef Stock Cubes 12 x 10g


Beef Stock Cubes

Bovril Stock Cubes Beef 12x10g are a good old fashioned beef stock that adds a meaty kick to all your family favourites

Quick and easy to prepare – Just add your cube to 380ml of boiling water and stir to enjoy that great beef flavour

Beef up your cooking by crumbling it in with the other ingredients from your best meaty recipes

1 cube = 2 servings

Add some serious meat taste to your dishes with Bovril's Beef Stock Cubes

For a tasty twist add to soups, stews, and more

Looking for a really beefy stock to give that powerful meaty flavour to all your family favourites? Add a Bovril Beef Stock Cube for a meatier flavour.

Bovril Beef Stock Cubes give that powerful Beef Flavour to all the British Classics. They are great for cooking meaty Beef Casseroles, delicious Pies and Beefy Bolognese’s.

We also have our range of delicious Stock Paste, including 250g Beef Stock Paste, 125g Beef Stock Paste, Chicken Stock Paste and our 200g Squeezy Beef Stock Paste. Great as a warming drink, powerful stock or meaty spread. Why not Beef up your sandwiches with Bovril Beef Paste?

British to the backbone Bovril has been keeping Britain’s Chin up since 1886!

Do you know your Bovril history?

In 1871, a Scot named John Lawson Johnston won a 'canned beef' contract to feed Napoleon's troops with his invention "Johnston's Fluid Beef". Renamed Bovril in 1886, the Great British drink we know and love was born.

On Christmas Day in 1902, Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton supped on a warming cup of Bovril after a chilling four-hour march across the South Pole.

In 1968, the year Bovril production moved from London to Burton on Trent, Burton Football Club was saved from relegation when Stevenage Town left the Southern League!

In 1994, enough Bovril drink was made to fill 90 million match day mugs!

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