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Pukka Pie Steak and Onion 236g


Pukka Pie Steak and Onion.A ready baked round pie, consisting of minced steak, chopped onions and dark gravy in a light puff pastry case.

Minced steak, chopped onions and rich gravy in a light puff pastry case.

Pukka Pies are made using only the finest quality ingredients at our state of the art modern bakery in Leicestershire. We are an independent family business and have been making our delicious pies since 1963.

We only use wholesome ingredients carefully sourced from trusted suppliers giving us an unrivalled reputation for quality, care and control. The meat we use for all our products is carefully selected and our onsite skilled butchery team ensure that only the best cuts of meat go into our pies. All our pies and pastries are produced free from artificial flavourings and preservatives.

Pukka Pies are made in stringently hygienic conditions by dedicated and caring people. We take enormous pride in providing our customers with a quality product which tastes great. The proof is in the eating.snacks,chilled,cold

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