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McVitie's Penguin Cake Bars (pack of 10)


With added calcium. No artificial colours or flavours. No hydrogenated vegetable oil. Does not contain dairy cream. Suitable for vegetarians. Individually wrapped milk chocolate covered cake bars with a layer of smooth chocolate cream People have been p-p-picking up the Penguin brand since 1932, and today Britain pecks its way through millions of them every year. But the question everyone asks is, how come they're called Penguins? Well, a cake bar this good has to be named after something a bit special. And when you can reach over a metre tall, swim at 30 miles an hour and go tobogganing on your tummy, you're a pretty cool bird. In fact, the only thing a penguin can't do is fly. And spookily enough, neither can Penguin cake bars. So does that mean Penguins and penguins have lots in common? Not really. Just don't try keeping the wrong kind in your lunch box. 1-2-3 for a healthy balance 1 Eat Healthily Snacks can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet of carbohydrates, fat, protein and fibre, including plenty of fruit and vegetables. 2

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