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Bakers Complete Small Dog Beef & Country Veg 1.1kg


Tasty goodness every day. 100% complete & balanced. Little bites for little mouths. With country vegetables. With quality protein to help maintain body condition. Vitamin D & minerals for healthy teeth & strong bones. Iron for healthy blood. Packed with wholegrains providing carbohydrates for energy. Wholegrains for fibre to help support good digestion. Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help support healthy skin & glossy coat. No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help support healthy skin & glossy coat. Bakers® Small Dog with tasty Beef & Country Vegetables: 100% Complete and Balanced Dry Pet Food for your Small Dog. Each delicious meal is packed with the every day nutrients your dog needs to get on with doing all the things that healthy happy dogs do. Quality Ingredients Balanced Nutrition Doggylicious® Why feed Bakers® Small Dog? We think all dogs deserve great tasting meals, no matter their age or size! That's why we created Bakers® Small Dog! Due to his faster metabolism, our adapted Small Dog recipe containing higher protein and fat levels**, is not only great tasting, but will help keep him full of life every day. **When compared to standard adult product Tender* Meaty Chunks with Beef *Softness varies with time The Bakers® Story begins with the Suffolk family run company Edward Baker Ltd. From the beginning, Bakers® has had a simple approach, to create great tasting and nutritious food for dogs! Over the years, and backed by Purina® Passion and Nutritional Expertise, we have fine-tuned our cooking methods and recipes, making us proud to bring you the box full of tasty goodness you're holding - dog food that we also still make in Suffolk today. At Bakers® we care. Everything we do revolves around delighting our four legged friends. Whether it's bringing enjoyment through our Tender* Meaty Chunk or ensuring each meal is great tasting and 100% Complete & Balanced, dogs come first! *Softness varies with time It's this passionate approach to your dog and his food that we call the Bakers® way of doing things. Want to know more about no added artificial...? Simple. Our range of products still have the same great taste you and your dog have come to expect and enjoy, packed full of carefully selected ingredients, but without any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Backed by Purina® Passion and Nutritional Expertise For more information visit,canned,tins,tinned,pouches,packets

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