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Bakers Adult Complete Beef & Vegetable 1kg


Adult 100% complete with tasty "flavour varient" & country vegetables. With natural chicory to help support healthy digestion. Vitamin D & minerals for healthy teeth and strong bones. With quality protein to help maintain body condition. Packed with wholegrains providing carbohydrates for energy. Iron for healthy blood. Now with no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The scrummy, meaty chunks and tasty assortment of wholesome, crunchy kibbles in Bakers® Adult gives your dog all the goodness he needs for a happy, healthy and active adult life. Our recipe is specially formulated by PURINA experts using quality ingredients and essential nutrients. As your dog gets older, it's important to ensure he's fed a food that meets his dietary requirements and supports his years as an adult dog. Our formula contains all the essential nutrients he needs for his health as well as quality protein to help maintain body condition. Our dog food is full of flavours that dog's love, we are sure he'll enjoy our meaty chunks with tasty beef at every mealtime. Tender* Meaty Chunks (done visually heroeing kibble) with country vegetables *softness varies with time Our tasty dog food for adult dogs includes quality sources of protein for taste, enjoyment and health. Contains chicory, a natural ingredient to help digestion and is made with beef and vegetables. Our pet nutritionists have tailored the nutrition for your adult dog's needs. Added vitamin D and minerals promote healthy teeth and bones. Want to know more about no added artificial… ? Simple. Our range of products still have the same great taste you and your dog have come to expect and enjoy, packed full of carefully selected ingredients, but without any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. If you're still interested in hearing more about the recipe and the Bakers ® range, come visit us at food,cans,canned,tins,tinned,pouches,packets

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