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Pedigree Dog Food Mixed Varieties in Jelly 12 x 100g pouch


100% Complete and delicious wet dog food for adult dogs. Easy-to-open jelly pouches, perfect for a fresh healthy meal, on its own or on top of dry dog food. Nutrition for dogs that helps support healthy bones, good digestion, a healthy skin & coat and strong natural defenses. Dog food developed with our vets and nutritionists at Waltham Pet Nutrition Centre. This pet food contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. PEDIGREE® Vital Protection is designed to deliver nutrition that addresses four universal needs to keep your dog healthy and full of vitality. Vitamin E to help support his immune system, so he's ready for anything Natural fibres to help keep his insides healthy so he always feels his best Zinc & sunflower oil containing omega 6, known to support a healthy skin & coat Calcium to support healthy bones At Pedigree, we believe that dogs are good for us. Every day, their wonderful innocence brings out the good in us. Pedigree's complete range of tasty and healthy dog food and dog treats delivers everything that is essential to support, protect and spark all dogs' exuberant love of life. So that day after day, dog owners can feed the good in their dogs. With a wide range of tasty, complete and balanced dog food meals, Pedigree has everything all dogs need to thrive. Meals that taste good in ways that get tails wagging, and feed the good in ways you can see. Developed with our nutritionists and veterinarians of WALTHAM™ The world's leading authority on pet care and nutrition,cans,canned,tins,tinned,pouches,packets

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