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Felix AGAIL Doubly Delicious Mixed in Jelly 12 x 100g Pouch


Complete pet food for adult cats

Complete and balanced nutrition for all adult cats, to support their health and vitality

With vitamin E, vitamin D, a balance of minerals, and omega 6 fatty acids

Four recipes, each with a duo of meat or fish in tasty jelly

Twelve tins of food in each multipack, so your cat can enjoy variety

Created by experts, using quality ingredients you can trust

FELIX® As Good As It Looks Doubly Delicious is as good as it sounds. Each meal contains two kinds of delicious meat or fish combined with a jelly that adult cats will find irresistible! Every recipe contains 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats. Doubly Delicious is a source of omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins (including vitamins D and E), and a balance of minerals for their health. And with our Mixed Selection in Jelly, your mischievous cat will never be bored! The recipes include Beef and Poultry, Chicken and Kidney, Saithe and Salmon, and his ring and Trout, so he can enjoy a new, tasty meal every day. Doubly delicious!cat food,cans,canned,tins,tinned,pouches,packets

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