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Felix AGAIL Ocean Selection in Jelly 12 x 100g pouch


Complete pet food for adult cats

We provide your cat with 100% complete and balanced nutrition

Rich in vitamins and minerals to supported your cats health

Sources of Omega 6 and antioxidants support natural defences and keep your cat nourished

Balanced minerals and essential nutrients help your cat live a healthy life

Made with quality ingredients, your cat will have the choice of four fishy flavours!

Our cat food tastes so good with the variety of delicious fish flavours included! The ideal dish for fish-loving felines, now your cat can choose from tuna, salmon, sardine or saithe in this delicious FELIX®As Good As It Looks Adult Cat Ocean Selection box. Our cat food is served in 100g individual pouches to preserve the enticing aromas and tasty textures for longer, making each mealtime more convenient too! Rich in fish pieces and combined with a smooth, rich jelly, our recipes provide your cat with all he needs to live a healthy and happy life as an adult food,cans,canned,tins,tinned,pouches,packets

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