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Lynx Gold Anti White Marks Anti-perspirant Deodorant Spray 200ml


Lynx Gold Anti-Marks Protection. Sweat protection that lasts for 48 hours. With the subtle and refined fragrance of Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla. Protects your style, Impeccably. Keeps you (and your shirts) feeling clean and fresh. Deo to be applied on your underarms. Lynx Gold Anti White Marks Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 200ml is part of the Lynx male grooming range. Lynx Gold gives you sweat protection without white marks or yellow stains, leaving your style protected. Scented with Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla, Lynx Gold Anti White Marks Anti-perspirant offers a subtle, woody fragrance that gives you a memorable touch. To get the most from your product, shake the can well and hold it 15cm away from your underarm. Spray in short bursts for great protection from style threatening odour to start your morning feeling fresh and confident. Black or white shirt – doesn’t matter, Lynx Gold leaves no white marks or yellow stains. To fully refine your style, get showered first with Lynx You Body Wash. Then sharpen up your look with Lynx Clean Cut Look Definition Wax and Lynx Signature Daily Fragrance with Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla. Also available as a body spray, this masculine fragrance is designed to keep you cool and dry. Boost your sweat protection with our Lynx Body Wash range. Why not also try Lynx Daily Fragrance, a sophisticated every day fragrance for men. Refresh your style with Lynx Signature, Adrenaline and Urban Daily Fragrance 100ml. Find Your Magic with the new Lynx male grooming range. Selected Lynx products also available as a travel size mini deodorant 35ml. To explore the range of Lynx deodorants, Mens body spray and find the best deodorant for you, visit

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