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Febreze Air Effects Air Freshener Spray Cotton Fresh 300ml


Febreze Air Freshener Spray Cotton Fresh.Eliminates tough odours for good. Uses a unique odour elimination technology. Eliminates everyday odours without masking them and leaves a light fresh scent. Non-flammable propellant. Eliminates tough odours for good Also try Febreze Car Air Fresheners which eliminate odours and freshen while leaving a light fragrance to brighten your journey Cotton Fresh fragrance is inspired by the freshness of pure white cotton. Get wrapped up in a cocoon of softness and clean air. Febreze Air Effects air freshner aerosols are like a breath of fresh air sweeping away stale and stifling odours and leaving a light fresh scent, making your home feel fresh and renewed every day. These sprays are different from many other air fresheners as it contains a nitrogen propellant (nitrogen is 80% of the air we breathe) and odours are eliminated thanks to a unique technology that captures smelly molecules and neutralizes them rather than just masking products,cupboard,materials,aids

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