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Duck 5 in 1 Marine Toilet Cleaner 750ml


Duck 5 in 1 Pine.Kills 99.99% of germs and removes limescale from above and below the waterline. Unique bottle neck design easily reaches right underneath the toilet rim. Freshens your bathroom with a refreshing Pine scent. Powers through tough stains. Manufactured using renewable energy. Duck 5 in 1 Pine kills 99.99% of germs and removes limescale from your toilet, both above and below the waterline. With Duck's unique bottleneck design, it can easily reach right under the rim, giving your toilet a thoroughly hygienic clean with minimal effort. What's more, it's perfumed with our Pine fragrance, eliminating odours without masking them, giving your bathroom a long-lasting fresh scent. The entire range of Duck 5 in 1 Liquid Cleaners is proudly manufactured using renewable energy, making it just as good for the planet as it is for your bathroom. Give your toilet a new lease of life: simply unscrew the cap whilst squeezing both pads, then tip the bottle to allow the liquid to rush into the bottleneck. Next, direct the nozzle under the toilet rim and squeeze whilst moving around the bowl to give an even blast of Duck 5 in 1 into your toilet. Give the bowl a good scrub above and below the waterline, and for best results, leave for 60 minutes before flushing. Regular use of Duck 5 in 1 provides a quick, efficient way to keep your toilet clean, fresh, and limescale products,cupboard,materials,aids

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