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Euro Shopper Mango Juice Drink 1Litre


Capturing the finest flavours from around the world. Discover the juiciest mangoes from the exotic groves of the Sub-Tropics. Mango juice drink Indulge yourself in the world's most mouth-watering fruit flavours with Sunpride. Discovering and capturing the finest tastes of fruit is our mission. Take one sip and imagine yourself in the sunshine and warmth of the countries we have explored in our search to find and bring back for you the highest quality juice drink. Our passion for discovering and creating the best juice drink led us to countries like Equador, India and Mexico. So enjoy the piquant taste brought from their sunny mango groves with Sunpride's mango juice drink - the essence of warmth and flavour in a glass. Vitamin C Drinking Sunpride Mango Juice drink is an easy way to get the Vitamin C your body needs - every 250ml glass contains your entire recommended daily amount. This pack contains four 250ml servings. Vitamin C is good for the maintenance of a healthy immune system.longer life carton,cold drinks

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