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Birds Eye 2 X Chicken Chargrills Sweet & Sticky 174G


Grills formed from marinated chunks of chicken breast, lightly fried, seared and coated with a sweet barbecue glaze.
For a Sustainable Tomorrow
Making a difference with responsibly sourced and prepared food every day
Our sweet & sticky BBQ chicken chargrills are made from 100% chicken breast & coated in a sweet barbecue glaze!
Why does it say made from 100% chicken breast if it's 73% chicken breast?
Made from 100% chicken breast means we use only chicken breast meat in our range. The other 27% relates to the other tasty ingredients such as the coating.
'Birds Eye' and 'the logo shape' are trademarks of Nomad Foods Europe Limited
Made from 100% Chicken Breast
No Artificial Colours or Preservatives
Pack size: 174G

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