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Persil Washing Powder Non Biological (10 washes) 700g


With wash booster. More concentrated. Cleans tough stains even in a quick wash. Outstanding results even in cold water 15°C. Dermatologically tested. Automatic non-biological washing powder Your new Persil non-bio Cleans tough stains even in a quick wash. Persil with wash booster technology* remove stains like grease, oil and mud. Tough stains are gone even in a quick wash. The best ever stain removal from Persil, yet still kind and gentle next to sensitive skin. *Wash booster technology works best on greasy and oily stains with regular use on polyester. British Skin Foundation recognises Persil's research into skin care Ever tried Persil small % mighty? An amazing liquid detergent that can also be used as a pre-treater. Persil Non-Bio recommends Comfort Pure for sensitive skin. Comfort Pure's research into skin care is also recognised by the British Skin Foundation.

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